Wednesday, May 23, 2018

That's a big cat

More like Villa Porn

Casa Malaparte… The Villa was built in 1938 by the Rationalist architect Adalberto Libera in Punta Massullo on the Isle of Capri, Italy. It is considered to be one of the best examples of Modern Italian architecture. The house, a red structure with inverted pyramid stairs, sits 32 meters over a cliff on the Gulf of Salerno. It is completely isolated from civilization, only accessible by foot or by boat.

The CW Paradox explains the silence from the cosmos. We aren't alone.

So far, our attempts to identify signs of extraterrestrial life have all amounted to nothing. The apparent lack of observed intelligent life in the universe beyond Earth in the face of what would seem to be an almost limitless potential for such life to arise is known as the Fermi Paradox

There are several theories to explain our apparent aloneness.  

Some have suggested that humans are being intentionally avoided by intelligent alien civilizations to allow us to grow and develop naturally (this idea is, somewhat unsettlingly, known as the “zoo hypothesis”). A more farfetched and difficult to believe version of this idea posits that aliens are already here, but only covertly, and their presence remains hidden from us. 

My theory, known from here on as "The CW Paradox," explains this aloneness by pointing out that humanity has only been communicative outside the bounds of our planet Earth for a very short time, maybe a hundred and seventy years at most.  That's a literal blink in time.  Multiple alien life forms could exist yet be in the same condition we were in until very recently - in other words, very vibrant but only within their habitat, whatever that habitat may be.  Or, they could have looked our way, but seen and heard nothing, and then continued their search in other directions, leaving us undiscovered, for now. 

 Hey, hey, we're over here!

They're out there alright.  When I put on my tin foil hat, I can hear them chatter away in their weird languages.


Motorcycle trials from r/interestingasfuck

Hump Day Good News

"I'm delighted to say that a few days before the celebration of Memorial Day we're going to pass through the United States Senate, and the president is going to sign later this week, the VA Mission bill, which is the final piece of the mosaic we started two years ago to put together to fix the veterans healthcare service system—make it more accountable, make it relative to our veterans, and make sure we use the private sector as a force multiplier to deliver health services to our veterans at their choice," Isakson told reporters during a news conference.
"The veterans, in consult with their primary care VA doctor, will be able to choose the doctor of their choice and the service of their choice, whether through the VA or delivered in the private sector, based on quality, accessibility, availability, and the choice of the veteran."
Giving vets choice in their health care, and allowing private medical institutions to participate and compete can only be a good thing.

It's Hump Day